Accueil The 2nd MAR Workshop at IGE

The 2nd MAR Workshop at IGE, Grenoble, FRANCE :

Announcement and call for submissions (abstracts)

The 2nd MAR workshop will take place at IGE, Grenoble on 13th - 15th September 2017.
The venue is Lliboutry Room, IGE, Domaine Universitaire, 54 rue Molière, Saint Martin d'Hères

Venue New results based on MAR simulations will be presented. The workshop will also be the opportunity
to present the
latest stable MAR version (now open source), ongoing developments, and the new
MAR web site.
Courses about the model use will be given on September 13th, while communications
and discussions about
the model results and development will occur on the two remaining days. We look forward to your submissions of abstracts. Please feel free to direct any questions to

The deadline for submissions is on the 31th August 2017.